6 Key Email Sequences to a Successful Launch

Pre-Launch Sequence

The pre-launch email sequence serves one purpose: to warm up your list before launch. This is especially important if you haven’t emailed your list in a while or consistently. Think of it in terms of preventing the “cold-calling” selling method from your list. Getting your audience primed and ready will make all the difference in your open rates and the momentum behind your well-planned launch.

  • Position yourself as the guide: Show your audience that you are that expert who will guide them to solve their problem. Don’t sell to them here but rather give them what they need. For example, this could be a tip-filled email or one essential resource to continue moving them along the journey.
  • Overcome objection: By now, you should have your ICA dialed out and know precisely what objections to overcome. This email addresses the #1 objection overall and debunks its logic. You are pre-seeding a mindset shift by doing this.
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The Launch Runway Sequence

During the launch runway phase, you are inviting people to your free event or offer. This is often the most critical sequence in your launch. Why? Because you need the numbers for conversions. As the saying goes, “build it, and they will come.” Apply the same concept here. Craft a 5–7 email sequence leading up to the date of your event, or cart open if this is evergreen. Depending on your offer type will determine precisely the messaging for this email sequence.

  • Build anticipation and excitement
  • Provide the necessary information

Open Cart Sequence

Unveiling and Promoting the Offer

Abandoned Cart Sequence

Cart Abandonment

Close Cart Sequence

The Final Countdown

  • Use the sending 7 rule.. send the first 3 emails 7 hours apart and then the final one at Midnight 7 hours. (7 am, 2 pm, 9 pm, Midnight)
  • Email topics to cover in this sequence:
  • Reconnect, tell a story and then represent the offer
  • Case study/testimonial email and then add in the offer expires urgency CTA
  • Get straight to the offer and stress the urgency of only a few hours left. It’s the final countdown.
  • Last call — Stress the offer is going away in just 1 hour, so this is their last chance!

Post Launch Sequence

Nurture and Data

So What Did We Learn?

  1. Pre-launch Sequence: The pre-launch email sequence serves one purpose, to warm up your list before your launch.
  2. Launch Runway Sequence: As the saying goes, “build it, and they will come.” Apply the same concept here.
  3. Open-Cart Sequence: During an open cart email, you should be sure to explain why the product works for them, how it solves a specific problem, and why they need it now.
  4. Abandoned Cart Sequence: Your checkout system may not allow you to track abandoned carts, but if it does, sending a three-email sequence could boost your ROI by 3–5%.
  5. Cart Close Sequence: Cart closing is the most powerful part of your launch. Adding in the urgency and scarcity on the last day the cart is open (and offer is available) always brings in that final push to reach your revenue goal.
  6. Post Launch Sequence: No matter what, don’t stop the communication. Customers and non-customers are still part of your overall ecosystem and should be nurtured 100% of the time.



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