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The Truth About Casting a Wide Net

I’m going to be super honest about the idea of casting a “wide net.” If you’re big enough, that marketing strategy can work.

Who is Your Ideal Customer?

There is no shortage of ponds when it comes to digital marketing.

Where is Your Ideal Customer?

Okay, so, again, with the fishing metaphors!

How Do You Interest Your Ideal Customer?

Finding the right bait. (I’m honestly not sorry. Fishing is replete with excellent metaphors for most any situation!)

The Potency of Marketing Mailing Lists and Lead Magnets

Another tempting lure to attract your clientele base is lead magnets. If you have built or are building an email marketing list, offering a sample or freebie is a great way to keep clients on the hook, so many people are quick to hit “unsubscribe.” These lead magnets can range from truncated versions of your class or a free webinar or a promo code for 15% off in your store. Shocking no one, people love free stuff! If it gets them into the net, they are more likely to spend more time on your website. And eventually buy what you’re selling. If you’re not sure how to craft or what to offer as a lead magnet, why not check out my free workbook “Identify Your Core Lead Magnet!” to help you get started? Furthermore, see what I did there?

Persistence, Consistency, and Adaptability!

Once you have the attention of your ideal customer, you need to keep up the good work if you want to catch more in the net. Creating and releasing regular content is how I grew my business into what it is today. And aside from a lot of hard work and patience, that was my main tactic. There’s a reason anglers have their “spots.” You know what I mean, right? They go back at regular intervals because they can regularly bring in a good catch.

So, What Did We Learn?

Let’s review what we learned:

  1. Determining what your ideal “fish” looks like is key.
  2. That means auditing your product or service and how you know they can benefit from it.
  3. Once you know the kind of customer you’re looking for, you can figure where to find them and cast your net.
  4. Every person is different, and they hang out all over the internet in various ponds, from Facebook to Pinterest.
  5. When you start to market to your customers, you need to offer more than your products or services to keep them interested.
  6. You have the chance to prove your expertise in your field by sharing knowledge through podcasts, guides, blogs, webinars, and other free, low-maintenance tools.
  7. Mailing lists with interesting or attractive lead magnet freebies are great for getting customers into your store.
  8. By giving something for free, you’re more likely to see people stay on your mailing list and even share it!
  9. Be persistent in pursuing your customer base and make sure you’re releasing content and updates regularly to keep them interested.
  10. Don’t be too rigid, and be open to changing your patterns with your clientele’s shifting interests.

Free Resources

Everything I’ve said here is within reach of any small business owner, as they’re affordable solutions to help you make the most of a tight marketing budget and reach. The big thing to remember is managing your expectations and catching your specific audience first before trying for all audiences. Most fishing companies start with a single boat and a few nets before getting a whole fleet of trawlers, right? By determining your ideal client, finding out where they are online, and creating content that compliments your product or service, you can surely reel in a good catch. To help with that, you can download my free template “Discover Your ICA (Ideal Customer Avatar!)” and nail down exactly who you’re looking for with ease. Eventually, you’ll be able to take on bigger fare, and you can look at your company and growing customer base and quote Jaws to yourself: “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

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